Executive: An Earth 340K Standalone Novel (Soldier X Book 1)

Written by D.P. Oberon
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Page-turning science fiction… visionary world-building… very readable… the storyline is impressively complex, and the conclusion is both shocking and satisfying. Bottom line: This is grand-scale science fiction largely done right. –Blue Ink Review

A richly detailed futuristic premise, crackling battle scenes, and a gender twist march alongside a tried-and-true combat sci-fi formula. –Kirkus Review

This is science fiction with an epic scope–exhaustively detailed, with an explosive plot and a socially-attuned premise. — Foreword Review

Executive. Mother. Murderer.

In the year 340,000 AD Earth is on the brink of extinction. Plans are underway to create seed-ships that will send groups of humans into outer space .

One woman, the soon-to-be CEO of Autobus-Mannschaft, Saradi, is responsible for the delivery of iordite, the rare material that will be used to build the seed-ships.

Ruthless and ambitious, Saradi is on the desperate pursuit of her goals until a tragedy befalls her. She ventures on a desperate mission: save humankind. But doing so will mean she’ll have to abandon her husband and daughter and leave the life she’s known behind.
With a bevy of personal demons to beat and an enemy determined to reach the iordite before she does, is Saradi prepared for what lies ahead?


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