Written by G.M. Browning

Long ago a glorious kingdom called Everheart was protected by a magical sword, the Everblade, a sword with the power to absorb dark magic. Until the witch Lorelei opens a chasm that swallows the castle and its guardian blade deep underground. In a final battle to save their kingdom, the mages of Everheart subdue Lorelei and imprison her in a tomb for eternity.

A new kingdom, Torea, emerges unaware of Everheart or its destroyer, and lives in peace, until the day Lorelei returns.

Weak from her imprisonment, Lorelei joins forces with Darren, a sorcerer lusting for power. When the two combine their magic and set out to conquer Torea, it falls to Darren’s younger brother, the swordsman Alek, to stop them.

With the help of a gallant knight, an old mage, and a battle-ready princess, Alek embarks on a dangerous quest in search of the lost city of Everheart, where the sword of incredible power is said to rest. The Everblade is Alek’s only hope in stopping the witch, and his own brother, from enslaving the world.


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