Emily – Come By Chance Mail Order Brides: Sweet Montana Western Bride Romance (Come-By-Chance Mail Order Brides Book 2)

Written by Juliet James

It’s 1884, and love is in the air in the town of Come-By-Chance!
In this much-loved series strong women risk everything to rise above their desperate circumstances, find true love, and wed real men who’ll treat them right.

Meet Emily – She’s lost her Pa, can’t find a job and her money’s almost all gone.

After she witnesses a man being strangled, the strangler gives chase, and Emily ends up on a train headed for who knows where!
She travels along with Emmy-Lou, who is running away to become a mail order bride. When Emmy-Lou’s rich Aunt intercepts her along the way, they come up with a plan for the girls to switch places, and for Emily to marry the rich, handsome Montana man.
Will he be all he seems? Can Emily rise above her misfortunes and find true love and happiness?
Her Pa always told her, “The Lord moves in mysterious ways,” and Emily will soon learn whether or not it’s truly the case!

So catch up with the Come-by-Chance townsfolk including the strapping Wilkinson brothers, Slim Jim and his lovely wife Lettie, the newly wed Ruby Wilkinson, and of course, 18 year-old Emily.

A story of hope, romance, revenge, suspense, unrequited love, first-love, fevers and flirting.

Come-By-Chance Brides of 1884

Book 1.  Ruby
Book 2.  Emily
Book 3.  Violet
Book 4.  Kate
Book 5.  Rose 
Book 6.  Emmy-Lou

Come-By-Chance Brides of 1885

Book 1. Opal – The Outlaw and the Sheriff Who Loved Her  
Book 2. Coral – The Widow and the Man Who Loved Horses 
Book 3.  Ava & Ina  – The Twins and the Fist-Fightin’ Cowboys

Coming Soon:

Book 4. Lillie – The Orphan and the Grief-Stricken Groomsman
Book 5. Pearl – The Divorcee and the Wedding-Shy Dabster
Book 6. Jane – The Modern Miss and the Preacher Who Had to Decide


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