Drinking Life (Keeper of the Water Book 1)

Written by Kevin George
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Nia Ammo only wants to win the field hockey state championship. But it’s not the other team she has to worry about stopping her – it’s the two soldiers in ancient battle armor who attack during the game! Nia has always been a little quicker, a little stronger, a little more agile than everyone else. She quickly learns that hand-to-hand combat is another skill she possesses.

The attack makes headlines and causes her parents to uproot the family business and move cross-country during her senior year. It’s not an easy adjustment and before long she finds herself in the middle of another physical altercation, this time with the entire boy’s lacrosse team. But a mysterious stranger named John Leon shows up to help and starts Nia’s life on an uncontrollable spiral she never imagined…

On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she begins to dream about being another person in another life. The dreams grow increasingly frequent – and increasingly clear – and she begins to question everything about her life, from who she really is, to who she really was, to whether her parents are who they claim to be…

Nia unexpectedly finds herself falling for John but has fierce competition for his affection. Cassie is her neighbor and the daughter of her parents’ business partner. She’s selfish and ruthless and shallow and John seems like he can’t stand her. But he also can’t say no to her…

John knows something about Nia’s past and the dreams she’s been having but getting the information from him might turn deadly…


I’m the first person to see the attackers though I have plenty of reason to be focused elsewhere. I don’t know how but it’s like I sensed the danger coming and looked up just in time to see a pair of behemoths charging out of the nearby woods. In the split second I first lay eyes on them, my mind registers every minor detail: two men well above six feet tall, biceps rippling like steroid-laced professional wrestlers. One has long greasy blond hair and wields a sword almost as long as his body; the other has brown hair just as long and greasy and wields a massive axe. Their teeth are equally brown and rotted, evil sneers of blood lust plastered across their lips. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’re both ugly but I can’t see their faces behind metal helmets that cover their heads and most of their faces. Only a single slit in the helmets allows them to see, their eyes focused in my direction.

Had I not spotted the attackers right away, I surely would have heard them soon after appearing from the trees. They wear matching suits of armor that cover their chest and legs, clattering and clanging with every step they run. I can’t imagine how a normal human could walk in such bulky suits let alone run but they don’t seem slowed by them at all. For the second time in a matter of seconds, my mind surprises me with something else I can’t quite explain: somehow I know that these soldiers are from the Spanish Armada.

Logically, I think this should be some sort of ill-advised joke. This type of soldier hasn’t been seen in centuries. Others around me must have the same thought because it takes several seconds for the first scream to cry out from the large crowd. I stop staring at the soldiers once I feel a heavy smash against the back of my leg; I’d almost forgotten that I was in the middle of the most important game of my life.

Did I forget to mention that I’m in the middle of a field hockey game?

BOOK ONE – Drinking Life
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BOOK THREE – The Water Queens

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