Drawing Mentor 7-10: Sketching the Land Water and Sky, Sketching Plants, Sketching People and Animals, Sketching Buildings

Written by Sarah Bowles
Category: · Arts & Photography

Volumes 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Drawing Mentor series are contained in this book. These are intermediate lessons designed to help you develop sketching skills and techniques. Volume 7 focuses on sketching the land, water and sky. Volume 8 continues by teaching you how to sketch plants. Volume 9 will help you learn how to sketch people; the principles taught in this volume can also be applied to animals. Volume 10 finishes up this book with a lesson on the basics of sketching buildings. Each topic is thoroughly explained and detailed examples provided to help you follow along. These lessons are designed to help you develop skills that will be useful when preparing to draw a finished piece.

The Drawing Mentor series of books is intended to help beginning to intermediate drawers learn and improve their drawing skills. With multiple books, each focusing on different aspects of drawing, it gives the reader the ability to pick and choose the lessons and skills they would like to learn.

The earlier lessons in the series are very foundational, designed to improve the reader’s technical ability and understanding before going on to later lessons which are more project-based and written assuming technical skills have already been developed. If you’re an absolute beginner it’s recommended that you proceed from Volume 1 as that will ensure your understanding of how to use the techniques employed in later lessons.

When you choose to purchase the Drawing Mentor books you will not only get a quality book that will help you improve your drawing skills you will also be helping someone else as well. 10% of all profits from these books are donated to organizations which give humanitarian assistance around the world.


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