Drawing for Beginners.: From Novice to Pro. Learn the basics of sketching in no time! (Sketching for beginners Book 1)

Written by Ann D. Fisher
Category: · Arts & Photography

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We all love art, but most of us think of learning to draw as a difficult process, involving many hours of sketching and observing, before we become any good at drawing. This book will take the hard work out of learning to draw, giving simple, easy to understand instructions and tips that will enable you to draw great pictures quickly. You will learn how to draw 3D shapes, body parts, objects and animals to a high standard and in proportion. You will start to use shading and highlights to turn ordinary pictures into great pictures in moments. Once you have learnt the basic principles of drawing, you will find yourself doing more advanced drawings with ease. We will start with simple shapes such as 3 Dimensional cubes, spheres and vases. You will learn how to create realistic 3D images by shading, with highlights and lowlights to create an image that jumps off the page. Once you have mastered the basic shapes we will move on to more complex shapes such as a desk lamp and an alarm clock. You will soon find that the basic shapes that you learned such as a circle and a cube will be very useful in drawing the more complex shapes. Take some time to look at objects around you, how they flow, the interplay of light and dark on the object. What makes it look realistic? Is its shape slightly different to the shape it is “usually” portrayed to be? Take a note of the proportions of the object, would you normally draw these in proportion? For example would you usually draw eyes at the mid-point of the face, or would you draw them higher? We will look at how to draw in proportion, something you will learn to do without thinking as you progress. Finally, you will learn how to draw animals, including animals with fur and feathers. As well as drawing in proportion and defining the bones of the animals you will learn how to draw fur and feathers effectively, which can be difficult when you can’t draw every single detail.

You will learn how to draw:

-How to draw basic 3D Shapes
-Main Lines and Perspective
-Lighting and Shading
-Creating basic figures
-Sketching Body Parts
-Drawing animals


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