Drawing: Cats with Realistic Pencil Sketches (5 Cat Drawings in a Step by Step Process)

Written by Justin Dublin
Category: · Arts & Photography

Find out how to draw hair, whiskers, eyes, and everything else in a cat’s face.
A well-explained guide with a lot of pictures of how the artist made drawings of cats that look like photographs. Take a courageous step and become educated as to how you can draw realistic cats, following a step-by-step method that gives you insights, tips, and mandatory techniques. Read about:

Figuring out when to use an HB or a 3B pencil.

The right way to smudge, draw hair, and make a cat come alive.

Contrasts, stripes, and whiskers, some of the most challenging parts of drawing cats.

The difference between easy shadows and complicated ones.

Fun and smart ways to create beautiful cat eyes, noses, and ears that resemble reality.

And much more!

So don’t wait any longer and pick up this book right now if you want to learn how to draw realistic cats!


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