Drawing Anime Emotions: From Zero Step to Professional Drawing (Anime Drawing by Li Shen Book 2)

Written by Li Shen
Category: · Arts & Photography


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Sometimes, it becomes necessary to unlearn the learnt and start afresh. You might have drawn anime characters before but might have wondered why you are not able to achieve the perfection you are looking for. Here we are with the ideal solution. Drawing Anime Emotions – From Zero Step to Professional Drawing is designed to teach you the individual facial features of anime characters and then those features are used in different emotions as well as complete set of characters. You will also find detailed explanations and tutorials for drawing individual features like eyes, lips and hair, which play a significant role in expressing emotions.
Even if you have never drawn anime characters before, this book is a comprehensive tutorial for you. There are several other things in the book which an artist must know but are never told in art tutorials. You will find a mention for such things in this.

The following topics are discussed in this book: < /h2>

-Facial Expressions-Basics
-Application of Expressions in Examples
-Anime Characters Drawing < /h2>

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