Divorce, Drinking and Dating: The no-fail process to find out who you really are, find your own freedom, and have a few laughs along the way

Written by Danielle Prahl

For the woman inside of you who longs for freedom

You know those perfect people who always have their shit together? Yeah. That’s not me. Hell, I married a con man who had lied to me for seven years, and I didn’t even know it until he landed himself in prison. True story.

In fact, all of this is true: my ultra-luxury life with a man who was lying to me, waking up homeless and without a cent in the bank, falling into a habit of drinking, and dating ridiculous men. But, the good news is that I eventually discovered my own power and took control of my life.

I can’t promise that after reading this you will know everything and be on your way to miraculous riches and the best relationships or whatever. I can promise, though, that this book is brutally honest. Through a path of self-discovery, I took an experience that could have devastated me and used it to launch myself into a life I couldn’t even have dreamed of. I want to share that with you so you can find the courage to create a better life for yourself (you know, the kind you really want….).

You can truly be, do and have anything in this world. You are not a mistake. I hope that my suffering, my crazy and wild stories, my heartbreak, and my victory will leave you with some wisdom that you can use for yourself to find your own freedom.


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