Destiny’s Song (The Fixers of KarmaCorp Book 1)

Written by Audrey Faye
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Lakisha Drinkwater is the best Singer in the quadrant. Which means the last thing she was expecting is her latest assignment…

The boss lady is sending her to an Inheritor-ruled backwater planet to babysit the heir apparent, for reasons that are about as clear as space mud. But the StarReaders have spoken, and Fixers do what they’re told – especially if they work for Yesenia Mayes.

So Kish is headed for the boondocks, prepared to be a dutiful cog. But Bromelain III isn’t going to make that easy – and neither is the heir apparent.

~ ~ ~

Meet the Fixers of KarmaCorp. Their job is to work on behalf of greater good in the galaxy. Their challenge is to figure out what that means.

Destiny’s Song is the first book of the Fixers, an offbeat science fiction series in which nothing explodes, nobody is at war, and life gets pretty interesting anyhow.


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