Destiny: Our Forever Love

Written by Elise Quinn Larson

Elise wrote her love story in six months, before time ran out. The story of wild Johnny Larson and quiet Elise Quinn begins with a stolen kiss and ends with . . . well, read it and see.

Johnny Larson is a star football player and a one-night stand guy who lives for wild parties, casual sex and his NFL dream. But when he impulsively kisses his brother’s girlfriend one rainy afternoon, their sexual attraction ignites a passionate affair that won’t be denied. Johnny calls it their destiny. Elise calls it love.

Their happiness is complete when Johnny is picked in the first round of the NFL Draft, but it ends when he drives drunk after his draft party and kills a pedestrian, turning their dream into a nightmare. When Johnny’s struggle with a corrupt prison system leads to his conviction for aggravated murder, Elise joins a desperate legal battle to save him from the death penalty. But does love have the power to overcome destiny?

One reviewer wrote: “This book is a must read! Not only is it well researched and factual, it will have you wondering what’s to come with each page you read. Sex, love, death, commitment, prison life, football, childbirth and final goodbyes; it’s all here. An excellent book you won’t want to put down. Enjoy.”

This is not your traditional Happily Ever After love story. You will need tissues as you read this sweeping saga of sexual passion and desire, criminal conspiracy and legal injustice, capital murder and death row, terminal illness and assisted suicide. Get ready for an emotional experience that will confirm your belief in the power of undying love.

For ages 18+ due to sex scenes, adult situations and sensitive issues.


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