Deep Blue (Blue Series Book 1)

Written by Jules Barnard

Sometimes it takes meeting the right guy to realize you’ve been dating the wrong one.

On paper, my life is perfect: a sexy boyfriend, a fantastic summer job, and law school in the fall. Until my boyfriend turns out to be a douche, I lose my job, and my life plan falls apart.

Jaeger was my brother’s best friend in high school. I haven’t seen him in years, and the way he looks at me now has heat spreading down my chest and farther south. I should focus on getting my life back together, but all I can think about is him.

Jaeger is insanely hot, with Viking good looks the women in Lake Tahoe can’t resist, yet he’s chosen me, the girl with no job and no future.

Our chemistry is off the charts, but I worry I have nothing to offer this guy as we move forward in the best relationship I’ve ever had. And then his ex-girlfriend returns to town and my claws come out. I’m getting my life together, slowly, but Jaeger’s ex has speared her pointy heels into him, threatening our future.

Nothing has gone right since I came home–except Jaeger. After all that’s crumpled, he’s the one thing I can’t stand to lose.

**Each book in the Blue Series is a standalone story that can be read in any order.**

Deep Blue (Blue Series 1) – Cali & Jaeger
Blue Crush (Blue Series 2) – Gen & Lewis
True Blue (Blue Series 3) – Mira & Tyler
Blue Streak: A Blue Series Novella (Blue Series 4) – Nessa & Zach
New Blue (Blue Series 5) – Hayden & Adam


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