Dead Man’s Hand

Written by Christopher Kenworthy

It’s a fight for survival in the Wild West

When Con Carnigan finds his cabin looted and his newly trained cavalry horses stolen, he faces starvation if he cannot get his herd back.

Determined to recover his property and hell bent on revenge he tracks the thieves deep into the Sonoran desert.

Out of money and losing sight of the trail, Carnigan decides to rest up in the town of Sidewinder Flats.

He soon discovers that the town is a meeting point for thieves and vagabonds, run by a ruthless, criminal mastermind called Garside Hoffman.

Hoffman controls the town through a deadly card game – forcing the locals to work for him while they desperately attempt to pay back their gambling debts.

Hoffman offers Carnigan the position of sheriff, so long as he turns a blind eye to his sharp practice.

Will Carnigan rescue the town from the clutches of Hoffman, and regain his stolen property?

Or will he become the next victim to be dealt a Dead Man’s Hand?

Dead Man’s Hand is a fast-paced western adventure that will have you hooked from the very first page.

Praise for Christopher Kenworthy

‘A Classic return to the Western frontier.’ – Robert Foster, acclaimed author of The Lunar Code.

‘Kenworthy is a craftsman and entertainer.’ – Richard Foreman, bestselling author of The Sword of Rome series

Christopher Kenworthy was a journalist and novelist. His other Westerns include Apache Country and Badlands, and he has also written two naval fiction series – the John Paul Jones adventures and the In the Dark of the Moon saga.

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