Dance Team Captains: From Ineffective Beginner to Commanding Leader

Written by Chelsea Pierotti
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Dance Team Captains: From ineffective beginner to commanding leader, is an engaging, quick guidebook to help any dance team coach inspire the next generation of leaders. The book is broken up into 3 parts, walking the coach through the selection process, defining captains roles and responsibilities, and finally mentoring dance team captains throughout the year.

Coaches will understand how to select team captains to set up the team for success. This discussion includes whether or not the team should vote on the captains, and readers have access to bonus material including a sample captain tryout packet to walk through the application process.

Once you have captains, the work has just begun. Part 2 and 3 of the guidebook help coaches identify captains’ roles and responsibilities and establish the proper mentoring relationship to set the team up for success.

Written by a sport psychology consultant and former dance team coach, this guidebook is based on years of coaching experience and rooted in science.


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