Written by T.S. Worthington
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Jimmy and Cassie Tate have the good life. They live in a big house, they are well-respected by their friends and community, and Jimmy is one of the top architects in all of Ohio. But under the surface there is an air of discontent that has been brewing for a long time.

Cassie is bored, frustrated, and becoming increasingly lonely and isolated in her marriage. Since being laid off from her job she has become much more dependent on her husband, which is fine considering they are trying to start a family. The only problem is that Jimmy is a workaholic whose dedication and commitment to getting ahead are wreaking havoc on his marriage.

Their relationship is in need of a major overhaul.

That is when Cassie plans a romantic weekend getaway for them into the mountains of West Virginia. It is just the time away from everything and the relaxation ticket they need to start to work on their marriage and let go of all the petty, stupid grievances they may have.

But unbeknownst to them being in the wrong place at the wrong time has put them right in the path of darkness.

After being awakened in the middle of the night Jimmy and Cassie come face to face with a couple whose car has broken down. They have been mugged and are in dire need of some help.

But that is when the nightmare begins. Kyle and Lisa Butler are not stranded victims of a violent crime. They are in fact two drug addicted violent psychopaths who are hell bent on destroying everything that is in their path.

And what they want now is Jimmy and Cassie. God help them…


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