CORRUPTED: A Dark Bad Boy Romance (The Angel’s Keepers MC)

Written by April Lust
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Daddy’s about to show his pet how it feels to be corrupted.

There’s a price to pay for venturing where you don’t belong.
And she’s about to learn that the hard way.
I’m going to f*ck a baby into her sexy little body…
Just to show her that purity lost can never be regained.

Angels like her should stay far away from hellholes like this.
But Little Miss Priss thought she could handle herself.
Too bad she wasn’t ready for me.

To be fair, not many girls are.
I’m too much for any lone woman to handle.
With biceps like tree trunks and a c*ck like a python –
not to mention a world-class filthy mouth to go along with it –
a night with me leaves scars that last a lifetime.

And yet, she wanted to take me for a ride.

I let her think she had a chance of walking away unscathed.
And then I did what I do best:
F*cked her until she could barely walk.

But this one deserved an extra special treat…
My baby in her belly.

If only I knew all the trouble that would bring.

CORRUPTED is a full-length standalone bad boy HEIST baby romance. Comes with additional bonus content.


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