Cool Stuff Drawing: How to Draw the Best of Cool Drawings in the Easiest Way (Drawing Lessons with Derek Stewart Book 1)

Written by Derek Stewart
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Cool Stuff Drawing

How to Draw the Best of Cool Drawings in the Easiest Way

“Cool Stuff Drawing-How to Draw the Best of Cool Drawings in the Easiest Way” is written to grab the attention of creative writers who like to experiment with their drawing. Creating new drawings is the aim of learning drawing. For those artists who are looking to fulfill their craving for creating new drawings, this book is the ultimate destination. The author has given step by step explanations for each illustration. Moreover, there is a theory section, which is written to make the readers aware of some untold facts and concepts of pencil drawing. The section 1 deals specifically with the concepts of drawing, which are written keeping in mind the avid followers of pencil drawing. The section 2 deals with the drawing and illustrations. Both the sections are written with the learners of art in mind who face some difficulties in their learning process.
You might have noticed in regular tutorials that only pictures are shown step by step. But, we have given our best efforts to teach the illustrations and shading with appropriate written content. You will not find any difficulty in learning these cool drawings from the eBook even if you are an amateur artist. If you have been hesitant to pick up the pencil and a paper to draw just “anything”, open this book. You will find a solution to your hesitation.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to draw a Victorian Lamp
  • How to draw Dream Catcher
  • How to draw Dream Catcher
  • How to draw a Baby Donkey
  • How to draw a Guitar in the Corner
  • How to draw a Radio plane/Drone
  • and more

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