Cooking Under Pressure -The Ultimate Electric Pressure Recipe Cookbook and Guide for Electric Pressure Cookers.: New 2017 Edition – 300 Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes. New Instant Pot Section.

Written by Joel Brothers

The Ultimate Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook and Guide, “Cooking Under Pressure Revised 2017 Edition” (now with 300 Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes) with a new Instant Pot section and a Quick and Easy Dump recipe section, is the most complete electric pressure cooking book and guide ever published for Electric Pressure Cookers including the popular Instant Pot. The recipes can be converted for conventional pressure cookers as well. A Wolfgang Puck Electric Pressure Cooker and an Instant Pot were used to develop over 300 recipes in this book. Digital Electric Pressure Cookers are fast becoming a staple in more and more kitchens every day! Electric Pressure cooking is easy, but there are a lot of tricks in this book you can use to make your food even better. None of them are very difficult, and they can really enhance both the flavor, and appearance of your culinary creations. “Cooking Under Pressure” is not just another collection of cute pressure cooker recipes. It is an entire instructional to owning and using your electric pressure cooker, with tips on getting the most out of your unit, safety, maintenance, and even some history. It goes far beyond the meager information provided in most Owners Manuals, Learn how easily you can create healthy and nutritious meals in less then half the time and how to convert your favorite recipes for pressure cooker use, This is THE Pressure Cooker Cookbook! Newly updated for 2016 and now contains 250 pressure cooker recipes for Electric Pressure Cookers! If you have just bought an electric pressure cooker, or have one in your kitchen but you’re not sure how to use it, this book is a MUST HAVE! If you thought pressure cookers were kind of old fashioned and out of date, you need to look again, especially at the newer self contained plug-in models, which can cook your food for you in a fraction of the normal time (without compromising on nutritional content or taste). 90% of the potential of your pressure cooker is going to waste if you don’t learn these imaginative and valuable tips and recipes. You will be producing sumptuous meals and treats for your family in a fraction of the time you would spend on conventional cooking methods! You will be amazed at how easy, time-saving and flavor-enhancing these methods are. This is the Owner’s Manual your pressure cooker SHOULD have come with! (New Instant Pot section}
Some of the New Quick and Easy Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes:
Savory Chicken
Meat Loaf
Chicken & Shrimp Jambalaya
French Chicken Stew
Pot Roast
Garlic Chicken with Artichokes.
Cashew Chicken
Chicken Country Captain
Herbed Chicken and Mushrooms
In-a-Hurry Chicken Curry
Easy Chicken Tetrazzini
Kickin’ Chicken Chili
Caribbean Dump Chicken
Barbecued Pot Roast
Chinese Ribs
Herb Wine Dump Chicken
Cowboy Casserole
Creamy Chicken
Chili Chicken dump
Pressure Cooker Pepper Steak
Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef
Pressure Cooker-Teriyaki Pork Recipe
Pressure Cooker Cranberry Pork Roast
Bloody Mary Steak

And many more! Get this Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook and Guide NOW!


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