Cocky Soldier: Jeremy Cocker (Cocker Brothers, The Cocky Series Book 6)

Written by Faleena Hopkins

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Six brothers you’ll want to hide under your bed.

“Each book in this series is very fresh and exciting. There is action, mystery, really hot sex scenes and a great family bond to be read.” – TNBookAddict Review

Every day I run.
From my past.
From the ghosts.
I need silence.
What I don’t need is a Prius so quiet I don’t hear it coming.
How many times have I carried the wounded?
Too many.
But this one wakes up with an attitude.
And she sure is fun to mess with, losing her temper like that.
There’s something about Meagan…
I can’t put my finger on it.

I need to get to work or Bryan will kill me.
That’s him calling now.
Oh sh*t! My phone flew out of reach!
I veer left, grab for it.
Come on, you slippery bastard, get over here!
Flying up I discover I’m about to hit a gorgeous jogger and his huge black dog.
Can this day get any worse?
Or is it about to get a whole lot better…

Carefully written to be enjoyed in any order but reviews often warn that you might get hooked.

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Loyalty, humor, drama, sex and swearing… and a family readers want to be a part of.
Cocker Brothers, The Cocky Series, half a million sold.
What readers are saying about Jeremy Cocker:

* “If you haven’t started this series, you should. They’re all amazing, and all different.” – Hiker Girl

* “I’m wiping the tears as I write. Faleena does her usual terrific job of creating characters that are so real you want to invite them over for Sunday dinner.” – Katydid Review

* “…honestly this one had that something special. The writing was magnificent, I could not put it down. The humor, and the heartache were the perfect balance.” – Terry

* “This is by far the BEST series I have ever read…” – AmazonReader

* “Amazing!! Could not put it down until I was finished. This story had real depth to it…” – Angela

* “Oh, how I love these Cocker brothers. Every time I read a new story, that one becomes my favorite! I’m a bit of a sucker for wounded returning military stories and this one did not disappoint.” – Happy Reader

* “Wow. Just. Wow. I can’t even begin to put into words how great this book is.” – Miss Kay

For readers who enjoy Lauren Blakely, Kristen Ashley, Colleen Hoover, Alice Ward, Claire Adams, and Lauren Landish


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