Cleopatra: The True and Surprising Story of the Queen of the Nile

Written by Patrick Auerbach
Category: · History

Cleopatra was a prestigious ruler with a timeless name. Although we’ve all heard of her, the exact reasons for her fame may be unclear to some of us. What does it take to reach the status she reached and to maintain the powerful role of leadership she attained? In this book, you will learn about:

  • What contributed to her success: Great leaders are not born, but made through life experiences. What influences shaped this famous queen? What events had to happen to make such a fierce and well known leader?
  • How she seized the throne: Cleopatra was not originally intended to be the sole ruler of Egypt, but that is what she became. In this book, you will learn about her methods for securing sole ownership of this incredible role.
  • Her connections to other famous leaders: We will go over her relationships with other famous rulers of that era. She was closely involved with both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. This book will tell the exciting story of the way these connections shaped her life and reign.
  • The legacy she left behind: Cleopatra was a unique and fierce ruler, which is no secret. You will learn exactly which ways she shaped history in irreversible ways and which symbols she left behind as permanent marks on history.
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