City of Bells (City of Mystery Book 4)

Written by Kim Wright
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Geraldine Bainbridge is well known among her fashionable circa-1889 London set as an heiress, philanthropist, and supporter of highly unsuitable causes, including women’s rights. Fiercely independent, she is proud of having arrived at the age of 69 without ever having been, in her words, “netted and mounted.” But when a mysterious letter arrives from India – sent from a long-ago lover now jailed for the murder of his wife– even Gerry’s friends and family realize that they know very little of her romantic past. As Geraldine journeys to assist with Anthony’s defense, she is joined by her close friend Detective Trevor Welles, head of Scotland Yard’s first forensics unit, as well we the rest of the Scotland Yard forensics team. The group has scarcely arrived in Bombay when it becomes clear this is no ordinary domestic crime, but rather a case with far-reaching political implications, whose roots stretch back to the Great Mutiny of 1857.

As they combat the heat, the insects, the monsoons, and the petty prejudices of the Raj, often finding themselves more in sympathy with the suspects than the victims, Trevor and the others are forced to confront an uncomfortable question: Is murder ever justifiable?

Praise for the City of Mystery series:

“Kept my attention to the last page” – Nancy Brown

“A captivating mystery” – John MacQueen

“Strong female characters who don’t turn the guys away” – Andrew Smith

“Characters are well-developed and relatable” – Heather Having

“Wonderful and historically accurate”- Tutu Dangerous

“Real, vivid detail”- Lisa Farrar Wellman


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