Children’s books: “Two Green Bananas” (children’s bedtime story book)

Written by Miley Smiley
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Children’s books: “The Adventures Of Two Green Bananas” (children’s bedtime story book)
What Readers and Reviewers Say:

-“I read this book to my kids almost every single night at bedtime. They love it, and my 7 year old daughter can easily read this too.”

-“The story was new and different. My son loved it. Would definitely recommend it! The illustrations are really good! There are so many lessons to be learned from the story.”

-“A very cute “ugly duckling”-type story. My 6 year old loved it and wanted to read it again right away.”

-“My great niece loved this book when I was reading it to her she would not let me put it down at all its a great book for kids it’s a good book for learning I recommend it to all parents.”

-“The author integrated very well the images with the text! I read eBooks on my phone and everything worked well on this kindle book! The story is really good and the illustrations are awesome!”

On the kitchen counter, between the saltshaker and the cookie jar, stands an Old Ugly Cup. She is so old that she can remember the time when the grandmother of the family was a little girl. When it is late at night and the whole family is asleep, the Old Ugly Cup starts to tell amusing stories to the other inhabitants of the kitchen in her gentle yet hushed voice.

As always, everyone in the kitchen likes to listen to her stories. Even the gruff Scrub Brush, who usually is bad-mannered and likes to argue, will keep quiet.
Here is just one of the stories about Two Green Bananas that I overheard from the Old Ugly Cup….

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