Children’s Books: THE OFFICIAL MERMAID HANDBOOK (Delightful Bedtime Story/Picture Book, Offering 10 Guidelines for Being the Best You Can Be, for Beginner Readers, Ages 2-10)

Written by Sally Huss

All Maggie the Mermaid wanted to do was be great? “Great at what?” her teacher asked. Hmmm. Perhaps the librarian would have an idea for her. And, indeed she did. The librarian gave her a book titled THE OFFICIAL MERMAID HANDBOOK. It was only for those special mermaids who wished to develop their greatness and in doing so would help make their world – the ocean – a better place.

The HANDBOOK revealed 10 requirements for greatness. She was told that if she did what it said, she would certainly be GREAT! Of course it was easier said than done. But Maggie did it, improving herself in many ways from personal orderliness, kindness and helpfulness to cooperation and sharing, to appreciation and being adventurous by trying new things, to telling the truth and honoring authority, to maintaining a positive attitude no matter what – all with a few missteps along the way.

Over 50 adorable illustrations.

A 5×7 Certificate of Merit is available at the end of the paperback version of this book. It is perfect for any child who has earned it.


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