Charlemagne: King Of The Franks

Written by Cameron White
Category: · History

By the mid 8th century no centralized European authority had yet arisen to take the place of the place of the Roman Empire since its collapse. But in Germany, the Frankish dynasty began to establish itself and eventually their kingdom covered most of modern day France as well as other parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

In the midst of all of the chaos to control the land, one individual stood at the heart of the Franks’ expansion: Charlemagne. A pious and arrogant leader, he made such an impact on the world he is still arguably one of the greatest kings to have ever ruled.

Charlemagne established his dynasty and elevated his family’s influence throughout Europe. His is a story full of violence and heroism, displaying political, social, and religious advances. It is a story that exhibits what it takes to be a king during a time in history where it was difficult to amount to anything at all. Author Cameron White in his book entitled Charlemagne: King of the Franks captures the essence of the warrior King Charlemagne, the time period in which he ruled and the great impact he had upon the world.


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