Career Reinvented: How to Build an Independent Life by Starting Your Own Business

Written by K Gregg Elliott
Category: · Business & Money

Do you worry that new workplace technologies and accelerating change will mean less job security?

Do you hate your job and find yourself wondering if this is all there is to life?  

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss?

This fast-paced book packed with actionable advice will help you make the big decisions of WHETHER and HOW to start a business.

There has never been a better time to start your own business!

This book explains three mega-trends disrupting the traditional workplace. 

You’ll learn why so many freelancers feel happier and more secure compared to those with corporate jobs.

If you are a self-starter, if you’re tired of your 9-to-5, if you’ve lost your job, or if you just know that you have more to offer the world, this book is for you!

I will not only share practical advice on HOW to succeed in building an Independent Life, I’ll tell you WHY the time to do so is now based on the latest research.

I will show you:

  • How the decline of corporate jobs, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the sharing economy are affecting traditional jobs.

  • The self-inventory you should take before you go into business for yourself.

  • Principles for success in running a business, based on my own 10 years of success as a solopreneur, as well as the insights of 9 more solopreneurs and small business owners.

  • A method for launching your business that can increase your chances of long-term success.

  • Why business training is not important to run many successful businesses.

  • The job and business opportunities of the near future foreseen by workplace experts.

  • Inspirational true stories from real people who were in a bad place then changed everything by going independent.

Follow the advice in this book, and you will be much more likely to achieve your dream of running your own business.  

Self-employment in the U.S. is expected to triple in the next two years.

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