Calling: An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series (The Starlight Chronicles Book 2)

Written by C. S. Johnson

I found every layer of myself chiseled away, the blackened cynicism of my heart breaking open and oozing the kind of fear which only stems from the deepest sort of longing. “Don’t leave me.”

And then I kissed her.

As if Hamilton Dinger needs any more frustration at the moment. Not only has he accepted his duty as a Starlight defender, he’s got swim meets to prepare for, his little brother to babysit, and an annoying new girl in his class. Plus he’s got his ‘mentor’ dragon, Elysian, on his back every chance he gets, and his ‘co-defender,’ Starry Knight, urging him to quit the superhero business after every battle.

As the Seven Deadly Sinisters and their leader, Orpheus, search for new ways to gather power, Ham finds both betrayal and friendship in unexpected places. Desperately searching for a way he can get stronger, he finds his own inner struggles costing him the most as he attempts to keep the rest of the city safe.

Will Hamilton realize his potential in the power of trust? Will he be able make peace with Starry Knight, or will their quarrels be the downfall of them both?

Continue reading through the epic fantasy series from young adult author C. S. Johnson, as fallen Stars/superheroes Wingdinger, Starry Knight, along with their dragon Elysian, fight evil as much as they fight with each other.


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