Call to War (Storm Champion Book 1)

Written by Chris Momb

Sci-Fi with some Fantasy mystical powers, kind of like the Jedi or the Bene Gesserit from Dune.

500 years ago, the Empire of Man was crushed by the Umpala invaders, and the survivors of humanity were sent fleeing to a scattering of low-tech Refuge worlds. The Great House of Ashoka settled on the planet Nuevo, and there they controlled and suppressed technology for centuries, hoping not to rouse the interest of the Umpala.

And then one day a starship came. New plots and new mysteries suddenly engulf House Ashoka, and the dreaded Umpala are on the move again. The young Malaran Ashoka, both a princess of House Ashoka and acolyte in the warrior-mystics of the Order of Calista, suddenly finds herself in the center of the storm as old and new enemies converge upon her planet. She must learn to use the powers of the Void to repel an invasion of her home-world and to fulfill her destiny as the Storm Champion.


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