BUSH: A Wild Romance

Written by Rocklyn Ryder


Ever since I landed in Alaska I can’t get comfortable. The entire state reeks of testosterone. It’s not doing me and my fantasy life any favors but it’s Rogue that finally put me over the top. My pilot. The man exudes masculinity. He is the epitome of rugged, the poster child for wild, Alaskan man.


My mom’s worried that her baby boy is living a hollow life as a mountain man in the Alaskan bush with no family of his own to keep him sane but I’ve never been interested in filling my house with a woman’s things.

Then Melissa lands in my life, full of the kind of stories that could fill up the silence of a lonely Alaskan winter, keep a man company while those sweet curves keep him warm, and suddenly I’m starting to think Mom might be right.


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