Books for Kids: Lee has to Stop Eating Candy

Written by Leela Hope
Category: · Children’s Books

Books for Kids: Lee has to Stop Eating Candy
this Children’s Book is relatable for kids of any age.

Do your kids have trouble with eating healthy foods?

Lee gets into some serious trouble in Lee has to Stop Eating Candy.

Lee starts this day looking out of his window at the mountains and the lake.

Then he finds a sparkling bin of candy that he cannot resist.

A parent reading this story might feel Lee’s mother’s panic when she finds her little bloated boy turning green on the floor.

This time it’s Lee’s mother who has tears in her eyes.

After a visit from the doctor, Lee returns to normal after learning a lesson.

Sometimes resisting sweets is a difficult thing to do.

You only need to learn the consequences once before you consider eating too many of them again.

Lee learns “it’s okay to eat candy, but not a whole big tin.”

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