Books for Kids: A Puppy Named Lucky: The Misadventure with the White Rabbit (Bedtime Stories for Kids ages 3-8, Children’s Books, Children’s Books ages … 4-6, Kid’s Books, Books for Kids,) Book 1)

Written by Paul T. Jane
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If your kids LOVE dogs, rabbits or animals in general, they will surely adore this book. This book is about a cute little Puppy named LUCKY.

Lucky lives with Rose and her family, having being adopted from the pound. He’s a happy dog, full of fun and mischief, and he loves his new home with one exception. His arch enemy, Moby the rabbit.
For what seemed like ages to the young Lucky, he had been trying to catch the pesky rabbit, but each time the furry fiend escaped. Next time, perhaps, he will have more luck.
Then, one day, on an innocent visit to the park, Lucky spots Moby and gives chase. He chases him so far and for so long, that eventually he becomes lost. Lucky is distressed by thinking that he will never see Rose again, but that’s when an unexpected ally comes to his rescue.
Together Moby and Lucky set off on a journey to find the pup’s home. There are new experiences for the young dog and new friends to be made along the way, as well as dangers to be faced, if he is ever to be reunited with his loving family.
Will Moby be able to keep the mischievous pup out of trouble? Will she deliver him safely to his family? And can their new friendship survive the journey?
Download and read on to find out….

“A Puppy Named Lucky: The Misadventure with the White Rabbit”

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