Books for Kids: A Kite Chase for Myrtle (rhyming story for young children beginner books for kids)

Written by Leela Hope
Category: · Children’s Books

books for kids 2-4

Do your kids love having new toys?

Do they get upset if they lose them?

A Kite Chase for Myrtle tells a tale about Myrtle the Monster’s adventure with her new kite.

When Myrtle gets a fright and her kite blows away in the wind,

she chases after her new toy and recruits all her friends as she runs past them.

Myrtle learns to value her friends and not to judge someone for what they seem,

rather than what they are on the inside.

A Kite Chase for Myrtle provides a fun and interesting story for kids

of all ages and is told through rhyming verse and colourful illustrations.

The Myrtle the Monster series is ideal for enjoyable bed-time stories,

preschoolers and children learning to read.


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