Book Launch Formula: How To Write, Publish, and Market Your First Non-Fiction Book Around Your Full Time Schedule. Become an Authority, Build Your Brand & Create a Passive Income

Written by Justin Ledford
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You will learn exactly How to Write, Publish, & Market your book all while working around a full-time job.

“This book is will act a simple road-map that you can follow to get your first book done. I highly recommend experienced authors and first-time authors read this and follow along.”
— Hal Elrod, #1 Best Selling author of The Miracle Morning

Here’s the deal, if I can become a best-selling author on Amazon with a demanding work schedule, and family I love spending time with, so can you.

I will teach you a concise step-by-step approach for writing your book despite a busy schedule. Whatever you’re calling in life is you will benefit from the strategies and techniques which have allowed me and countless others to generate the kind of success most only dream of – just by learning to effectively write books on a part time basis.

Brianna, a successful salesperson from Texas says, “The techniques taught in this book are exactly what helped me to finish my first book in less than 3 months and become an Amazon #1 best-seller – earning residual income month after month.”

I learned a lot from my first two books, and am now working on my third – using the steps that got the greatest results. I promise that if you act on the steps outlined in the following pages you will not only finish your book faster than you imagined possible, you will enjoy the process.

I can also promise that the results you achieve will allow you to live a more fulfilling life, helping you become an authority in your current profession, and boosting your income.

Don’t be the kind of person who has dreams of writing a book, but never sees them through. Instead, be someone who crosses writing their book off their bucket list, and then moves on to even bigger and greater achievements.

In Book Launch Formula you will find:

• Justin’s Professional 3-step method that takes you from no ideas to completed rough draft, in less than one week (write a quality book in 1/2 of the time!)
• A technique that will save you LITERALLY $1,000’s of dollars when it comes to editing…
• An guaranteed launch strategy you can use to successfully launch your book… even if you don’t any marketing experience and no audience…
• How to keep sales rolling in after the launch
• The simplest approach that will allow your book to drive sales and leads to your business.

You will learn the best strategies from authorities in the self-publishing industry like Hal Elrod, Tim Ferriss, Steve Scott, Honoree Corder, James Altucher, Pat Flynn, and many more.

Book Launch Formula will guide you to unlock that story that has been inside you all along.

Book Launch Formula is the road map to you becoming a published author.

Book Launch Formula will teach you how to make a full time living from writing, increase your authority, and build your business all by writing a book.

Don’t you feel its time to live a life of design instead of default?…

Check writing a book off your list, build passive income, and enjoy higher levels of abundance?

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