Blind Faith: A Billionaire Romance

Written by Ellie Danes

Billionaire Brenden Porter appears to have it all; cars, houses, money, a model girlfriend and a successful investment company. But money can’t buy everything, including his sight. After having lost it fifteen years ago, Brenden has learned to work on instinct, his gut and his other senses. He’s given up trusting his girlfriend and best friend, but when Faith Fleming walks into his life he learns that happiness, love and trust can be about everything you don’t see first-hand.

Faith Fleming is the girl next door and she likes it that way. Her life is simple, double shifts at the coffee shop, night school and staying away from men, for good reason. Secrets she’d like to forget. But when the blind billionaire shows up at her coffee shop three days in a row she begins to rethink her life and whether some secrets aren’t worth keeping hidden.

Blind Faith is a hot and steamy romance with a feel-good romance story that will have you rethinking what you really love about romance books. This is a full-length novel with a HEA and no cheating.



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