Black Butterfly 4: TEMPER… (Suspense THRILLER!)

Written by Dante Feenix

Black Butterfly 4: TEMPER… The Generational Curse!

I was once told by a New York Times Best Selling Author that “Mixed reviews make for a great book…” and this is it! People are TORN because Nadet’s a grown man now and making the same bad decisions his mother made. It’s crazy how history repeats itself if there’s not an intervention… temper is the generational curse that has taken down many men. Will Nadet be next or will someone intervene?

After being rejected by his mother, Nadet goes on a criminal rampage to pay the system back. Using his intellect as the number one weapon; he soon sets up a criminal empire that no one is quite sure how it works. Setting traps for crooked cops, organizing drug dealers, and sending a message to the system is what placed him high on the Federal Most Wanted List! Nadet’s hatred of the police and justice system, fueled by the wrongful imprisonment of his mother, made him nothing short of a monster. In this non-stop action thriller that you will not be able to predict, Nadet some how finds his softer side when a little girl is the object of police corruption.

How can a criminal now be a hero? The lines of right and wrong are blurred throughout this novel. Get set for the ride of your life, Dante Feenix is Back!

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