Bellingwood Boxed Set: Books 4-6

Written by Diane Greenwood Muir
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Books four, five and six of the popular Bellingwood series are finally available in a single boxed set. Be sure to look for the first set (Bellingwood Boxed Set: Books 1-3) to start reading about this wonderful little community in the heart of Iowa.

Secrets and Revelations: Between the community’s celebration and a woman who claims to have been part of Polly’s family when Polly was a baby, this summer is heating up. The big quilt show has relocated to Sycamore House and the woman in charge is a shrew. Polly’s protective instincts are aroused when the woman attacks people who are unable to protect themselves. Everyone you know and love is back, and new friends are introduced. It’s never boring in Bellingwood.

Life Between the Lines: When one of Polly’s guests dies at Polly’s front door, she is thrust into the middle of his mystery. It’s much more than just finding his killer; he asked her to find someone else. A vandal attacks Sycamore House just as they are preparing for Halloween and a Masquerade Ball. If it weren’t for Polly’s friends and her burgeoning relationship with Henry Sturtz, she’d be lost.

Room at the Inn: In this Christmas short story, Polly rescues more animals and people. Rather than Polly calling the sheriff, this time he calls her when a young family’s car breaks down on the edge of Bellingwood. Polly has the room and the heart to take care of them. Henry opens her eyes to a new landmark that might be a great investment, even though it needs a great deal of work.

A Season of Change: Three young men return home to open Secret Woods Winery and Henry is tasked with building their new lodge. When Polly finds a body at the work site, it is just the beginning of a chaotic few weeks. Andrew Donovan introduces Polly to his best friend who will change Polly’s life in extraordinary ways. The vandal that attacked Sycamore House in “Life Between the Lines” is back and escalating. With all of the changes happening in Polly’s life, she is thankful for friends that keep her steady.


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