Before CE”O” (Bettergasms Inc. Book 1)

Written by M.T. Stone

My entire world was shattered in the blink of an eye…

Confined to a hospital bed with a halo holding my neck together, the only woman I ever loved betrayed me. It turns out that losing my career as an NFL quarterback was a deal breaker for her as well.

Physically healed and mentally broken, the struggle began to put the pieces back together. After exploring my options, the only other natural talent that emerges is my skill in the bedroom. A sex therapist named Cindy, who is friends with my mother, opens my mind to a whole new world. My god given talents and incredible endowment are suddenly invaluable assets going to the highest bidder. Who would’ve thought that curling toes and delivering O’s could be such a lucrative career choice.

Your Pleasure Is Now My Business. Come inside and let me show you what you’ve been missing! Your satisfaction is guaranteed… XOXO

* Before CE”O” is a 47,000 word prequel to CE”O” and CE”O” Baby. If you enjoy steamy stories with a healthy dose of humor and drama, you will enjoy the journey of Rex Hastings.


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