Baking Bread and PIZZA recipes: the autentic italian pizza and bread

Written by Lorenzo Linklater

Bread dough is one of the few foods that is regularly enjoyed by people worldwide, reaching almost every race, culture, and religion. Bread is such a staple to most people’s diets. In fact, the average American eats 53 pounds of bread per year. One of the reasons that bread dough may be so popular is its versatility. Dough can be used to bake a loaf of bread or as a crust for a deliciously topped pizza. Pizza is one of the most popular types of food which can be delivered right to your door and has certainly come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. The pizza that originated in Naples, Italy barely even resembles the traditional style of pizza which we are all so familiar with (and fond of) today.

Bread dough comes in thousands of forms and varieties, but they all have one basic starting point in common: all breads are the result of a mixture of water and milled grains. This cookbook explains the science of making homemade bread so that once you are off and running with one of our many simple recipes, you will understand the changes that take place during baking. After we explore the science of baking homemade bread, you will be given a large variety of simple step-by-step recipes to try for both Italian breads and pizzas. Try one recipe, or try them all! This guide to Italian pizza and bread will give you a variety of options for making homemade Italian breads and pizzas that your family will love.

First-time baker? No problem! The recipes in this book are simplified into easy, understandable steps so that even inexperienced bakers can make excellent homemade breads to share with their friends and family. The recipes are broken down not only into ingredients and recipes but also in step by step directions that walk you through the bread making process. Making dough can be complicated and even intimidating, but it is the sole purpose of this book to provide every home cook with recipes that are easy to understand, and that can help you bake a variety of quality breads anytime you wish!

Sit back and enjoy as we first explore a brief history of both bread and pizza, followed by an explanation as to how the vital ingredients to form these doughs come together under various scientific processes to form our favorite breads and pizzas. We then delve into what the main differences between American and European breads are (along with the key characteristics of each, of course) in order to end with a variety of recipes that you can try within your own home in order to impress both family and friends!


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