Bake Boss Cakes: 25 Imaginative and Creative Cake Recipes, Full color

Written by Nik Holt

Where does the term cake come from? Surprisingly enough, it’s of Viking origin from the Old Norse kaka which means a baked flour confection sweetened with honey or sugar.
While the Ancient Egyptians were the first culture to show evidence of baking skills, making many kinds of bread, the Greeks had a form of cheesecake and the Romans baked early versions of fruitcakes with fruits, nuts, and raisins.
So, it’s safe to say the history of cakes, goes back a very long way.
By the nineteen fifties housewives were proud of their home skills and making a cake was an excellent way to show off their baking skills, welcoming friends and family into their homes. A symbol of hospitality and abundance.
Today, cakes are the centerpiece of special occasions and celebration. We cut the cake at a wedding, blow out the candles on a 21st birthday and celebrate Epiphany Eve to Fat Tuesday in New Orleans where King Cake and Mardi Gras party hand in hand. In fact, cakes have grown in popularity to such an extent that prime time TV dedicates hundreds of hours of coverage to home baking shows.
Here, in BakeBoss Cakes are 25 exciting and imaginative recipes that you will not only enjoy baking but will tantalize the taste buds of your family and friends too.
Bake Boss Cakes is divided into three easy to read sections: Chocolate and Coffee, Fruit, Herbs and Flowers and Over 21s.


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