Backyard Hullabaloo

Written by Junia Wonders
Category: · Children’s Books

Suitable for readers aged 5 and up.

A hilarious tale of rivalry & playful mischief between two neighboring couples!

One morning, Mr. Bagoo oversleeps by a full hour. As a result, the birds in his aviary don’t get fed on time. And hungry, caged birds, as you probably know, are very loud birds.
This is not a good thing if you live in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, for this attracts the attention of the neighbors. And Mr. and Mrs. Bark next door are the most troublesome neighbors anyone can ever have…

Backyard Hullabaloo is a hilarious story about two retired neighboring couples, the Barks and the Bagoos. The Barks are jealous, mean, and vindictive. They always want to outdo the friendly and good-natured Bagoos. But no matter how vindictive they are, their malicious actions always backfire. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting Bagoos, who live next door, simply carry on with their day, blissfully unaware of their neighbors’ distaste for them. The riotous, must-read story is complemented by beautifully drawn illustrations painted in watercolor.

Perfect for an evening of fun and laughter. It will surely elicit plenty of giggles from its young readers.

Backyard Hullabaloo is:

  • Recommended for children between 5 and 9 years.
  • superbly written story brimming with humor and playful mischief.
  • Beautifully drawn with delightful illustrations painted in watercolor.
  • Entertaining: The book is full of funny words and expressions that’s sure to elicit plenty of giggles.


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