Awash with Summer Roses

Written by Kestra Pingree
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Avery drives me crazy. Everyone thinks I’m the troublemaker, but he’s the one sneaking out at night.

Let’s start from the beginning.

My name is Ri. I was supposed to spend the summer hanging out with my boyfriend and my band, but that wasn’t what happened. On the first night of summer, we had a gig at an adult club we’ve played at loads of times before. That just happened to be the night all hell broke loose, and we got caught by the cops. I’ve never gotten in trouble with the cops before, so I guess the whole fiasco was a pretty big slap in the face for my parents, who never pay me any attention. You know what they did? They sent me away to a small town called Fairgarden to stay with grandparents in the middle of nowhere countryside for the rest of the summer—and they expect me to work in their rose garden!

Then I met Avery.

Avery is 17, a year older than me, and he works for my grandparents. They absolutely love him and his dumb dog like they’re family. Why a teenage boy is willingly working in a rose garden is as good a question as any, but it’s not the strangest thing about him. I was convinced he’d be as boring as the rest of the town. It turns out I was wrong. Avery is blind, but he can do basically everything I can do. He goes anywhere he wants and does anything he wants, like sneaking out at night into some cursed forest that’s supposed to be off limits. He’s cute with his lopsided grin, but he’s such a jerk sometimes. He tells me not to go into the forest, and he pretends like he follows the rules, but I know better. Avery has secrets, and I’m going to find out what they are.

A story about friendship, love, family, and overcoming pain with a dash of mystery and fantasy.

This standalone novel is approximately 100,000 words long.


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