Art’s Most Beautiful Women: A Kindle Coffee Table Book

Written by Douglas DeLong
Category: · Arts & Photography · History

The female form has long been a favorite subject for artists around the world. In this collection, we present nearly 200 digitally-enhanced high-resolution works of art from 16 of the world’s greatest painters. Each artist has their own unique perspective, but all have captured the beauty of their subjects in intimate and beguiling portraits. The paintings in this collection were created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by artists from England, Spain, France, and Italy. Several different art movements are represented, including Pre-Rapaelite, French Academic, Symbolism, and Arts and Crafts.

In the Featured Artists section, you will find a short biography of each artist with links provided to more in-depth information. The paintings are presented in galleries, with each gallery preceded by a guide which will identify each painting by title and year (when available). Portraits or photos of each artist are also included (when available).


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