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Written by Anna Lemos
Category: · Arts & Photography

Art has always had a huge part in human life. It isn’t, of course, essential to it, everybody can live with only the basics, but existence would certainly be dull without it. Much has been written about the function of art without ever reaching an answer, however, it is proven that viewing art improves people’s well-being, both psychologically and physically, it even increases brain function. Art has always played an important role in a well-balanced life.
Media and commercials are always suggesting necessities but art brings our values back to the right place, highlighting what really deserves our appreciation. A finely rendered piece stirs emotion like nothing else can.
For too long art was confined to churches and palaces, and only the wealthy could afford paintings and sculptures in their homes. Today art is for everyone and can be found everywhere, not only adorning our walls, but on our pillows, lampshades, duvet covers, and shower curtains. It’s portable, beautifying our bags, cell phone cases, and notebooks. Even the clothes we wear celebrate artistic expression.
In this beautiful catalog, we introduce best-selling art from ten artists around the world. Their work includes delicate watercolors, great photography, dynamic graphic design, and refined digital art. You’ll find affordable art for yourself and gifts you’ll be proud to give a family member or friend.
Visit each artist’s shop and enjoy the many options created to enhance your lifestyle.
Featuring the artists: Yolande Anderson, Roxanne Goldstein, Julia Khoroshikh, Katerina Kirilova, Anna Lemos, MarkUK97, Nancy Smith, Melly Terpening, The 99th Studio and Dominique Vari.


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