Arnold and Louis. Reach For The Stars. Kid’s book (age 3-5)

Written by Harvey Storm

If you loved Arnold and Louis. Gold rush, The Gruffalo, Mother Bruce or The Pout-Pout Fish: this is a must-read picture book.

* * *

Arnold the moose and Louis the goose are back in a brand-new adventure – Arnold and Louis. Reach for the Stars.

When Mick, a space-traveling meteorite who journeys between the stars, inadvertently falls asleep and lands on Earth, he does so in spectacular fashion, landing in a swamp near to Arnold’s home and causing a big wave and a fire.

The two friends are quickly on the scene and douse the flames caused by Mick’s sudden appearance, but they are shocked when they learn that the rock can speak to them. And he is sad.

All poor Mick wants is to return to his home in the vast emptiness of space and Arnold and Louis vow to help him on his way. They will have to rely on their friendship and team work to get Mick back to where he belongs, along with a big slice of ingenuity too. But do they have what it takes?

Kids will love this exciting picture book and love the important messages it carries:

  • Teaching us to help each other
  • The importance of teamwork
  • The importance of friendship


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