Ancient Egypt Secrets Explained!: The Influences Behind Egyptian History, Mythology & The Impact On World Civilization (Egyptian Gods, Pharaohs, Pyramids, History, Anubis, Religion)

Written by Jeffrey Houston

When we think of Ancient Egypt we think of the great pyramids, the Sphinx, Egyptian gods and the great myths…but what influenced this great civilization to create and live as they did?

This book provides a unique insight into how ancient Egypt’s fascination with death and the afterlife shaped Egypt’s great architecture, beliefs, and ultimate influence on world civilization.

Understand the state of mind and belief system of this great ancient civilization

Unlike other books on the subject, this book digs deeper and explores the real influence behind the Egyptian way of life, from the use of mummies to worshiping their gods and aims to provide a clearer understanding of the mindset of the Egyptians at that time in history.

What were the mysteries and myths of ancient Egypt?

Discover the faith structure that incorporated Egyptians gods. Understand their purposes and the reason why these deities occupied the daily lives of the Egyptians.
Deities such as; Anubis, Horus, Sobek, Isis and Osiris

Read about Egyptian architecture.

Understand the story of the Great Pyramids, Sphinx and valley of the kings, the Pharoahs responsible for commissioning these magnificent structures and how modern day man had interpreted what was found.

What impact did Ancient Egypt have on modern day civilization?

Learn how Egyptian beliefs had a bearing on Judaism and Christianity, the similarities in faith and the resulting legacy that was formed. This book is an unparalleled look at ancient Egypt, unmatched in its viewpoint and attempts to unearth the wonders of this Era!

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