Amulets & Talismans and their meanings: How to make your own talisman!

Written by Julia D.
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Amulets & Talismans
and their meanings

How to make your own talisman!

Since Primitive era, back even to the beginning of civilization, expensive gravel and Talismans have been held in high evaluation by all generation; the earlier, chiefly because of their attractiveness, and the later, on account of their qualities, as harbinger of good fortune and to avoid calamity.
An amulet can be everything, such as a little seashell, a tinted marble, a rhombus sphere, or an old horseshoe.
From this book you will learn lots of interesting about talismans, amulets, their meanings and creation of them.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • History of Amulets
  • Importance of Amulets in different religions
  • How to choose your amulets and talismans
  • How to make your own talisman

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