Amorous Trooper

Written by Ronald Bassett
Category: · History

London, 1702.

Adam Margery, a budding apprentice surgeon is hopelessly in awe of his cousins.

Rebecca and Mary Hewar, on the other hand, are completely indifferent to Adam and his best friend Rupert Dolling.

Home for his grandfather’s funeral, Adam finally realises his love for the younger Hewar, Mary.

However, his status is no match for the Hewar’s and Rebecca takes it upon herself to ensure the relationship between her sister and Adam is severed before it is established.

But Rebecca and Adam are hiding a secret.

Rebecca faces Adam with fathering her brat and demands marriage.

Adam takes the only option for escape… he gives up his surgeon training and enlists to serve for the Queen as a dragoon.

Surely in the army the bothers of women cannot reach him?

Adam’s problems start to fade as he becomes immersed in the army. But Nell Something, a seductive consort, soon brings things back into perspective.

Through Nell, Adam finds out that Rupert has also enlisted, but in a different regiment.

It seems the past Adam so desperately fought to run away from, is never too far behind …

Francis Hewar. Rebecca’s brother, is also in the army and makes it his mission to take revenge on behalf of Rebecca.

Taking matters into his own hands, Adam does everything possible to ensure the safety of himself and Rupert, amidst the bloody battles he is faced with.

But can he do this without the help of women?

Praise for Ronald Bassett:

‘Hard fighting — and high jinks-with Marlborough in the War of the Spanish Succession. As satisfying a piece of historical fiction as I’ve read in a long time.’ — Manchester Evening News

‘Lusty stuff, told with commendable zest …’— South Wales Echo

‘His description of an eighteenth-century army on the move is superb.’— Aberdeen Press and Journal

‘The story has a knock-about vigour which captivates from the start …’ — Cambridge News 

Ronald Bassett (April 1924 – March 1996) was a prolific British writer of historical fiction, sometimes writing under the pseudonym, William Clive. His other titles include ‘Blood of an Englishman’, ‘Kill the Stuart’ and ‘Rebecca’s Brat’. In 1968 ‘Witchfinder General’ was adapted into a horror film starring Vincent Price.

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