America’s Star Spangled Banner Story

Written by Jane Hampton Cook
Category: · History

“There is a secret in life …. we all have a great hand in the forming of our own destiny.” ~Dolley Madison

What comes to mind when you think of our national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, and the United States of America? Can you see what the song’s lyricist, Francis Scott Key, saw? Or do you picture something else on the mural of your patriotic mind? What battlefields from US history tug at your heart? Which blessings shine brightly from freedom’s timeline?

What did the Pilgrims see when their buckled boots clicked and clacked onto Plymouth’s rocky shores in 1620? Using a spyglass of hope, they saw a land of fertile seed and a place to worship as they pleased. Borrowing from the language
of a native tribe, the great hills Massawachusett became a colony, chartered for the English crown.

You’ve sung or heard the lyrics to the National Anthem hundreds of times, but how well do you know the story behind the Nation’s song? In America’s Star Spangled Banner Story, award-winning author and former White House webmaster, Jane Hampton Cook, brings to life the story of our National Anthem in ways that will touch your heart, while showing the power behind the song that has transcended generations.

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