All You Need to Know About Gardening: 69+ Gardening Tips and Tricks for Beautiful and Fruitful Gardening (Home-Scaper Tactics Book 1)

Written by Karen Heinz
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All You Need to Know About Gardening

This book comprises of tips inclusive of various topics including:
*Organic gardening
*Indoor gardening
*Square foot gardening
*Gardening for beginners
*Crucial Tools
*Gardening techniques
– And much much more!

Are you a gardener?

Is your spouse or significant other interested in gardening?

Are you interested in gardening?

Do You want to cut back on funds spent on vegetables through cultivating your own provisions?

If so, then you need this book.

Inside of this book you will discover 69+ pro tips & life-hacks that will exponentially improve your gardening.


Excerpt From Intro

Being able to effectively garden has quite a number of benefits. Of these benefits, self- sustenance is what of the most significant, the ability to provide for yourself when it comes to nutrition, that is not being dependent on Supermarkets and any external sources to provide you with organic products. Thereby, you would even be saving money in the process, through gaining the ability to effectively gardening and providing for yourself. So what is $2.99 to invest in a book that can possibly save you thousands when it comes to the long- term usages of its contents? This is that book, the answer to your gardening deficiencies, in the process of learning how to garden for self- provisioning, you will equally learn about tips that will assist in the beautification of that precious lawn of yours. Worth 99 cents? Well if you believe this isn’t the book for you, and this is not worth your 99 cents, you can go ahead and buy that candy bar you been craving, you can go ahead and continue purchasing your vegetables and fruits from your local supermarket. No pressure here, just view this 99 cents as an investment in both your health and economic state.

illustrator (Book Cover Design): Rebecca Zeus
Contact: www.fiverr.con/rebecczeus


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