All the Above: My son’s battle with brain cancer

Written by Julia McDermott
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Finalist – 2016 Georgia Author of the Year Award.

Your whole world can change in a day.

Twenty-four hours after the end of his first year in college, Jack McDermott awakened on his 19th birthday to rapidly deteriorating vision. After two eye exams and an MRI, a neurosurgeon told him and his parents the unthinkable late that night:

“You have a brain tumor.”

In shock, Jack signed consent forms for emergency surgery to save his eyesight, and his journey with brain cancer began. For the next six months, he fought the battle of his life. Told from his mom’s point of view, this inspiring true story chronicles her emotional struggle when cancer forced Jack to stare death in the face as his family did all they could to help him survive.


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