Aligned: Volume 3

Written by Ella Miles
Category: · Romance

It can’t be true. 
…but it is. 
My past has snuck back into my life even though it’s not possible. 
I thought my new life was perfect. I thought I had finally moved on from my past and could start my own happily ever after. 
I was wrong. 
Nothing is clear. 
But will one clue change everything? 

Warning: Four book series + bonus novella. Ends on a cliffhanger. Contains hot sex scenes, strong female, and dark pasts that turn darker as the series continues. Only for those that love dirty romances, edge of your seat suspense, twists, and a little bit of darkness.

Aligned: Volume 1 (Novella)
Aligned: Volume 2 (Novella)
Aligned: Volume 3 (Full Length Novel)
Aligned: Volume 4 (Full Length Novel)
Aligned: Ever After (Bonus Free Novella) –Link to get bonus free book in back of Aligned: Volume 4


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